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Personal Tax

At first sight, the UK would appear to have a pretty simple system for taxing earnings. But in fact it is complex in nature because of various income tax rates applicable to different income bands. Thresholds and income bands change almost every fiscal year. The UK also have an entirely separate direct tax system, National Insurance contributions (NICs), which covers employees, employers and self employed people. Apart from this there are number of other taxes employed to other income e.g interest on savings, dividends from investments, capital gains and inheritance proceeds etc and are applied at different rates. Similarly there are a number of allowances and benefits avaiable to individuals depending upon their personal circumstances. Involvement of mutliple kind of taxes at different rates makes it difficult for public to understand it thoroughly.

As our name suggests, Taxperts provide expert services regarding all your tax matters, be it personal tax, inheritance tax or capital gains tax. We give utmost value to the quality of our services; our clients gain personalised service, expert advice and one-on-one attention. Taxation is an ever-changing area, we understand the complexities of our tax system and our accountants possess up-to-date knowledge about tax rules that help you to minimise your overall tax exposure and makes substantial difference to your personal after-tax income. Our team is equipped to cover all personal tax areas including income and capital gains tax, inheritance tax, disclosure and taxation of benefits in kind, income tax on pension and investment income.

It is important to not only ensure that you are correctly reporting all of your income but also that you are claiming all of the tax deductions owed to you in order to maximise your return. Without the advice of professional accountant an individual can risk losing valuable profits as a result of paying too much tax, or potentially losing even more money in fines and legal costs if your tax is not paid correctly.

Our tax accountants believe each client is unique thus we focus on delivering tailor made tax solutions and explore saving opportunities in great depth. Whether you are self-employed, landlord or an investor, our qualified accountants will help you understand how the tax law applies to you and what your filing and payment deadlines are. We will ensure that no allowable tax deductions are omitted and that your tax saving is maximised. Upon completion of a tax return, we also guide our clients about tax planning for future years.

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