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Company Tax

Business activity comes in many forms, ranging from the operations of huge international corporations to those of a self-employed trader. This diversity presents a major challenge for the design of business tax systems. In most developed countries, the profits of incorporated businesses (companies) are taxed under a separate corporate income tax e.g. corporation tax in the UK. Because of various tax rate bands and available reliefs, corporation tax becomes complex and must be complied to approperiately by businesses. Similarly strict tax penalties associated with an inappropriate or late tax return make it highly imperative for businesses to be up to date on their tax affairs. All that tax regulations from HMRC make accurate tax compliance and effective tax planning a very crucial aspect for business survival. We at Taxperts specialise in providing tax advisory coupled with our accountancy services to a large variety of businesses.

There are many factors that need to be put in place to arrive at an accurate computation of corporation tax. The process begins with the correct recording of all the transactions, in other words bookkeeping, if you are a VAT registered business and you outsource your bookkeeping to our people who specialise in providing tailor made bookkeeping solutions, then by the time your accounting period ends we would have already completed your primary books, at that point we will be a few steps away from completing your year-end accounts and finalising your annual tax return. Once this process is completed then we call our clients in for a meeting, and finally financial accounts and tax computations will be submitted to HMRC in support of the tax return. Our timely and efficient services ensure that your year-end accounts and corporation tax returns never miss the deadline and you never have to pay penalty for late filing or interest on tax paid late.

Our qualified accountants can estimate your tax liability at any time throughout the year. Our services help companies about stringent tax rules to minimise your corporate tax liabilities and add value to your business. Our accountants have extensive experience in tax services and we help our clients in managing tax compliance burden efficiently and accurately.

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